3 Proven Exercises to Strengthen Your Eyesight

One of the most common issues among people is the bad vision, as up to 70% of the adults in the USA have it. It leads to an increased number of prescribed lenses and glasses. Also, many people go under the needle for LASIK surgery. But, medical interventions may come with risks, and for that reason you should learn more about why eyesight seems to go wrong so often and how you can improve your eyesight in a natural way.

Why does eyesight fail?

The vast majority of people are not born with vision issues meaning that it develops during life worsening as people age. However, young adults and kids get glasses and vision aids younger and younger now.

What the main causes of bad vision are?

  • Environment – it always changes and it has more toxins now compared to that of the time our ancestors lived. There are toxins present in the air we breathe and in the water we drink which easily affect our vision.
  • Visual stress – modern electronics definitely contribute to vision issues especially phone screens, TV sets, and tablet screen overuse which take a toll on our eyes.
  • Genetics – you are likely to experience this issue if your parents have poor eyesight.
  • Diet – many of the nutrients you consume contribute to the strength of your body system, thus if your diet lacks the nutrients which support good eyesight, your vision may worsen.


Try with natural treatments

If you want to avoid the need for artificial vision aids like contact lenses and glasses try natural treatments to improve your eyesight.

  • Switch between near and far view – if you spend a lot of time in front of a screen train your eyes to look at near and far objects. While you sit and relax, focus on something close to you for 5 minutes, and then switch and focus on something far. Repeat the exercise when your eyes start itching.
  • Figure eight – this exercise will break up the stress. Gaze to trace the shape of an imaginary figure eight while you keep your head still.
  • Blinking – when people look at the screen they do not blink much as they focus very hard, so spend more time blinking in order to strengthen your eyes giving them a chance to heal.