9 Mornig Trick To Supercharge Your Metabolism In 20 Minutes Or Less

First thing in the morning you should drink lemon water in order to cleanse the digestive system and boost your metabolism. The water should be warm, but you can switch to cold for the remainder of your water intake. You may add a bit of raw honey to sweeten up the water an dintroduce enzymes and antioxidants. Make sure to get organic lemons.
2. Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier This will bost your metabolism as it will synchronize the work of your body and eliminate the toxins by getting into the natural circadian rhythm and be more in tune with the 24 hours cycle of your body because it releases toxins and waste at dawn. If you sleep later the toxin release will be delayed leaving the possibility to have them reabsorbed. Make sure you go to bed earlier.
3. Rebound for 5 minutes This is great for the lymph fluid flow and the thyroid health as they play a great roll in the metabolic rate. The rebound should be minimum 5 minutes which will keep you energized throughout of the day. You may buy a $50 high quality rebounder keeping it accessible each time.
4. Perform the 5 Tibetan rites This 5 actions will help your metabolism kick into a higher gear and they include doing leg lifts, spinning in a circle, arching your back, making a table, and a full body lunge. The video will show you all the 5 rites so you should incorporate them in 10 minutes starting off slowly. You may not be able to do all the actions shown at the beginning, but overtime you will be able to do so.
5. Lift weights for 20 minutes This ritual will increase your metabolic rate and will put your body in fat-burning mode, but if you don’t get morning exercises you will be in fat-storing mode. If you are not the gym type you may buy a set of resistance bands which will provide you the comfort and privacy of home.
6. Consume a lot of eggs Eggs are excellent way to boost your metabolism providing you with the nutrition and proteins which are very important for your health keeping you full during the day and burning the calories. You can add metabolism-boosting foods to your meals like coconut oil, organic pears or peaches and bowl of oat meal with blueberries or raspberries. Cook your eggs the way you like.
7. Drink green tea It is high in antioxidants which improve your overall health and if you want to get the most benefits from it continue drinking it during the hole day (multiple cups). There are different green teas on the market with berries and other herbs which will provide energy and detox benefits.
8. Make yourself a healthy snack During the day we often consume unhealthy snacks which slow down the metabolism but you still feel hungry, so a healthy snack will be an excellent option for you. This will prevent you from eating foods that are not good for you. 9. Drink a lot of water keep your body hydrated during the day by drinking a lot of water so take your weight and divided by two drinking the amount of water in ounces every day. If you want to drink 75 ounces of water find a 24 ounce water bottle feeling it 3 times. Moreover drink your lemon water in the morning. Consume a lot of vegetables and fruits during the day