Be A Free-Thinking Individual – Get Out Of The Herd

We have always admired free thinkers and most of us have desired to behave like them freely expressing our minds without being labelled as non-conformists or outsiders. Guess what they are not captives in the rigid walls of society and dominating worldview, but they are rather agents of change and novelty living on the edge. If you want to take things in your hands you’ll have to recognize and understand few things:


  • Careful with the group thinking and herd morality – it is the silent enemy of free-thinking where we lose the power to claim the authenticity of our mind and limits out potential to be free-minded and responsible individuals. However, if you find yourself in a small group of individuals where your thoughts become focused, then it can be a good thing.
  • Perception should be altered, not accepted – free thinkers know how perception is limited and fixed by the consensual view of the world, but perception in reality should be changed and not remain fixed. Feel free to differentiate between a wide range of ‘whites’ making your perception and reality different.
  • Creativity – your natural birth right – school and education throw us in cogs in the wheel making us think within the same parameters. However, we are all gifted with creativity which is our natural birthright – use it, be different than the rest.
  • Pop the time bubble – forward-thinkers see the world through and beyond the narrative of the time, they burst it open and see ahead of their time without closing the limits and seeing the world only within the narrative of our own time.
  • Knowledge is provisional – the worldview of the religious, authoritarian, conservative and institutional structures believe that their beliefs and knowledge are absolute. However, free-minded individuals try to distance from these groups since they believe that knowledge is provisional. If we know something today, then it may be debunked or changed by tomorrow.
  • Perspective is the key – keep in mind that even the strongest beliefs and views change when a new perspective is reached. You just need to see things from a different angle and when you think freely then you’ll know that there is always more than one perspective on a given solution.
  • Defy the institutional pressures – society uses institutions and innovations from individuals that become adopted by larger social structures at play to keep their status-quo. However, free-minded individuals refuse to succumb to the pressures of these two forces, thus they defy the institutional pressures to abide to the rules and accept society norms.