Coronary Arteries Cleanse With Only 3 Ingredients

All the nutrients and the oxygen are being transported to the heart and the other organs through arteries, thus they need to remain clean in order to preserve your health. For that reason, nutrition is crucial for the arteries as well as the entire health. All the heavily processed products, fatty foods, chemicals, and toxins lead to serious damage of the cardiovascular health as they cause havoc with the cardiovascular system. However, there are three effective ingredients which have the power to alleviate and eliminate blocked arteries removing all the fat from the blood. When they are mixed you’ll get a super-delicious and healthy drink that will provide a lot of health benefits like regulating body fat, unblocking coronary arteries, purify the liver, protect from flu and cold, destroy free radicals and infections which impair the blood circulation, and improve the immune system entirely.



  • 8 lemons;
  • 4 liters of clean water;
  • 4-5 cm of ginger;
  • 8 garlic cloves.

How to prepare it: Rinse the lemons and slice them into pieces, then add the peeled ginger and the garlic cloves and put them all together in a blender mixing it until it becomes smooth. Place it in a pot afterwards, add the water and let it boil. After it boils, remove it from the heat and let it cool off. Then strain the liquid and pour the prepared drink in bottles.

Dosage: this should be consumed on daily basis on an empty stomach 2 hours before meals. Do some physical activities at least 3 times a week during this treatment which will lead to artery cleansing and will improve your overall health condition.