Most of the food in the States ends up in the trashcan. The worst part is that people throw away the healthiest and tastiest pieces of the food, and only small percent of it ends up being a compost. Colored parts of fruits and veggies are highest in healthy nutrients. You might need to read this article before getting rid of those onion skins. Onion skin is not very tasty and it is not something we would eat, but it is abundant with quercetin, an antioxidant that lowers high blood pressure and prevents arteriosclerosis. By adding onion skins to your meals, you are automatically preparing yourself a healthier dish loaded with beneficial nutrients. Onion is amazingly healthy and its antibacterial properties lowers blood sugar, kills cancer cells, stop nose bleeding and give your immune system proper amounts of vitamin C.


 Darker color means higher phytonutrient density

We have a habit of getting rid of the parts of a vegetable that are even more nutritious than the parts we like to eat. We are slowly becoming too picky about the way our food looks and opt for the looks, not for the nutrients. For instance, broccoli and celery leaves have a lot more fiber and vitamins that the stalks. Furthermore, plants absorb the sunlight they require for photosynthesis using their leaves. Even the smallest amount of these greens can be much more beneficial than any other food. Steam cook kale and chard leave, and voilà, they are neat-chewy and easy to eat. Combine with garlic and lemon juice to boost their flavor and health benefits. This will also help you prevent the development of tumors and decrease both cholesterol and sugar.

Love your food and it will love you back

If you are preparing lemon or orange juice, what’s the reason not to add their peel to it? Your juice might taste a bit bitter, but you will get the best of these fruit – their healthy pigments. Peel an orange and add the peel to your favorite smoothie, or just add a bit of the peel to a glass of water and consume it after you drink your water. You will have a fresher breath and a lots of fiber, vitamin C, and phenols. These antimicrobials detoxify cells, making them toxic metals free and safe from oxidative stress. Peels also flush out toxins from your water. Melon peels are abundant in amino acids, which works great in the treatment of easy erectile dysfunction. Scrub them well and add them to your juicer along with other fruits and veggies of your choice for higher fiber content and better taste.

 Start over again

The very same veggie edges that you throw in the garbage are the ones that can bring you brand-new plants. Root scallions and leeks in water, and grow ginger and potatoes in pots! Add stems, leaves and roots to your meals. Mix them with other foods and no one will ever realize that you have added some peels to their food. As simple as that! Make yourself a favor and eat well!