He Puts a Tea Bag Inside His Car For One Genius Reason Not Many People Know!

Tea bags should not be thrown away after you drink your tea, they can have numerous other remarkable uses afterward!

Yes, you read it right! This is some really good news for tea lovers! Namely, as soon as you put the used tea bags again in a steamy cup of water, their incredible properties are immediately activated and you can re- use them!

Tea bags, sounds very strange, but tea bags are the best type of car deodorizer money can buy. We strongly recommend flavored tea bags like vanilla or cinnamon tea, they are very good as a car deodorizer. Simply put a couple of tea bags under the car seat, in the ashtray or everywhere you like. What they do is leave a lovely fragrance in the car and also suck up moisture, which means bad odors in the car will be gone.

What’s more, they can last a several months, which means a pack of tea bags which cost nearly $3 or $4 is more than enough do deodorize your car for approximately a year.

Give this amazing hack a try and you will never have issues with a bad odor in your car.