Heal Ulcers, Skin, Stomach and Liver With Only One Thing

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates. However, potatoes, especially raw potatoes or the juice of a raw potato have a never-ending list of health benefits.

Potatoes are packed with nutrients such as potassium, thiamin and niacin as well as vitamin C, making them an ideal part of a healthy diet. They can also be used to treat various ailments, either taken internally or as a topical treatment.


To get a serving of potato juice—either to use in smoothies as a nutrient-rich along with other fruits and veggies, or for use as a topical medicine—simply cube up two medium potatoes, then run them through your juicer. This should yield a half-cup of potato juice. You can leave the skin on but make sure to scrub it thoroughly.

You may want to mix the potato juice with other fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies, as the taste of potato juice alone is mild and not so palatable.

  Home Remedies Using Raw Potato

 Digestive Health and Stomach Problems:

Potatoes have been used for centuries by people with digestive issues ranging from heartburn to indigestion. A 2006 study performed by researchers from the University of Freiburg in Germany and published in the Phytomedicine Journal found that two-thirds of patients with digestive upset reported their problems abating when they used potato juice to treat them.

Cancer-Killing Properties

Even though potatoes may not be the answer to curing all cancer types, one 2013 study published in the Food and Function journal and performed by researchers from China’s Northeast Agricultural University found that a substance in potato juice called patatin was able to halt the proliferation of cancer cells in mice with melanoma cancer.

Skin Care

Potatoes are a wonderful natural cleanser, especially for facial skin. Grate a raw potato and rub it over the skin, then rinse. The nutrients in the potato can absorb into the skin to nourish and moisturize your face, leaving you glowing and healthy.


If you want to treat your headache with a potato, slice the tuber thinly and place the slices on the forehead. To treat chronic headaches, take one-quarter cup of hot potato juice before each meal, no more than three times per day. You also need to be aware that this common nutritional deficiency can cause migraine headaches.

 Improving liver function

To improve the function of your liver, try a potato skin tea. Just boil the peelings from one large potato in one cup of water for five minutes. Strain and drink once cooled. Drink this daily to keep your liver and gallbladder at top performance.  You can also add these foods and herbs to further help you cleanse your liver.