How To Cleanse Your Liver With Raisins And Water In Only 2 Days

The liver is one of the most important organs in our body. To be precise, it is the number one most efficient cleanser and blood purifier. Our liver has the job to make sure the synthesizing proteins and eliminating toxins are never obstructed. Additionally, it is the only organ in the body that can be healed itself after being cut.

Since it is essential for the overall health in our body, we must take good care for the liver. Often, the most issued problem is the fatty liver. There are many other dangerous diseases that attack the liver such as liver cirrhosis, hepatitis A, B and C and known as toxic hepatitis.

Luckily, there are all natural ways to cleanse the liver and reestablish the proper function. If you keep reading, you will see that cleansing your liver in few days with only water and raisins is possible.



First, you need to pick some good black raisins and put them in a pot. Add water three times on a cup of black raisins, and remove it after 5 seconds, it should clean the raisins.

Then, in the same water, boil the raisins for about 2 minutes, and then leave them to rest for 24 hours.

First thing in the morning, take this powerful cleanser on an empty stomach. You can choose according to your wishes if you want it hot, cold or warm.

You will start noticing the primary effects after two days. However, it is advisable to conduct the cleansing method for a week.

Moreover, you stay away from the fatty foods or alcohol during the treatment.