How To Treat Jogger’s Heels Or Plantar Fasciitis

Calcar calcaneal, or more familiar with the name Jogger’s heel/Plantar fasciitis is a structural break down of the heel bone facing downwards which appears due to chronic mechanical overload as well as due to irritation while walking which causes pain. Usually, older people suffer from this disease especially those who stand a lot in their profession. Its characteristic is a severe pain in the middle of the heel or its inner surface like someone is hammering nails right on that place and it is unbearable. The pain occurs in the first steps after sleeping or sitting too long. There are a lot of creams which can be bought in the pharmacies, however, traditional methods are better and more effective than anything else. They are the following:


  • Coating of potatoes are of great help. First wash them and grate them along with the peel. Put this mixture in a gauze, fasten it on the heel, wrap it in a nylon bag and put a sock. This covering should be changed every day and the treatment should last 7-8 days.
  • Hit the heel on the floor couple of times a day to increase circulation and metabolism of calcium which prevents the deposition of salt.
  • Coating of honey and salt – mix them in a 1:1 ratio and put it on the heel, put a gauze sticking it with a plaster, wrap it with nylon bag, put a sock and sleep in them.

After 3 treatments the pain decreases while after the 10th day it completely goes off.

  • Medical tincture with aspirin – chop 10 tablets (200 mg) aspirin in a powder and put them in 250 ml alcohol (or 70% medical alcohol). Let it stay for 1 or 2 days. Shake it and dip a piece of gauze every night. Put it on the heel, wrap it with nylon and put a sock on, leave it overnight. When you wake up, wash it with water, wipe and then apply a greasy cream. 10 treatments are enough. You can also clean/brush your feet with pumice stone and apply cream. The treatment can be applied if you have problems with varicose veins/varicosities and osteochondrosis. Massage the place and the pain will disappear.