How to Use Himalayan Salts to Improve Air Quality, Remove Headaches and Sleep Better Tonight

One amazing gift from nature is the Himalayan salt which is not only being tasty, but provides excellent benefits as well. Coming directly from the Himalayan Mountains where it is being mined and manufactured, prepared for distribution, it is very helpful in lowering blood pressure, boosting digestion, and many more. There are 2 types of this salt, one which can be eaten and is lower in sodium than other salts, while another type that is not edible but used for other purposes. The latter actually is very great for people’s health due to it producing negative ions. They are charged molecules in the air and are created when a molecule gains an electron. When that happens, the negatively charged molecules are able to attach themselves to things and then have an adverse health effects on you including mold and dust spores, while positive ions are referred as electronic smog and are very harmful for the mental health, coming from TVs, computers, phones, microwaves and many other electronic thing that are pushing electronic waves through air. So, when the negative ions combine with the natural pollutants they happen to lose their destructive nature clearing out the air and making the environment healthier. This reduces headaches, clears toxins, and purifies the air, making you sleep better. The negative ions can be absorbed in nature, but at home it is very difficult. However, Himalayan salt has that power to infuse the home with negative ions, thus exposing to it, you will automatically feel better.