Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief Through Foot Massage – 6 Chinese Reflexology Points

Allergies result when the immune system goes into overdrive due to overloading and overreacting including stress and toxins that your body is exposed from food, mold in the air, different chemicals in beauty products and household cleaners, pesticides etc. Thus the whole body is out of balance. Many of the people look to replace the allergy pills with natural alternatives which is an excellent thing and we believe that this article will help you to feel relief from your symptoms through these 6 Chinese reflexology points. They harmonize and strengthen your life force energy known as Qi. Allergies invade the body when the 3 types of life force energy weaken and that is: a Weak Lung Qi when it is so weak that it allows allergies invade the body, a Weak Spleen Qi when the channel is unable to carry out its basic functions – transform fluid in the body, and Weak Kidney Qi which acts like the body’s battery and when it’s weak then the other two types are as well deficient, it can be depleted by using allergy pills, antihistamines and cortisone shots for longer period of time. However, you can strengthen your Qi through the Chinese Reflexology. First you need to look for a long-term solution to the allergies, rather than a quick fix for symptoms. This can be done through reducing the toxins in your body and strengthening your Qi which means balancing and strengthening your energy. If you’d like to really notice a difference, then you should practice the Chinese Reflexology on daily basis including it as a part of your lifestyle. This shouldn’t be used as substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or care. Moreover, pregnant women and people with acute heart condition must not practice this.


  • Reflexology point for the sinus – this helps clearing congestion in the nose. The massaging point is on the tip of your big toe and its bottom. Hold the toe with your forefinger and rub with your thumb – left hand for left foot. Rub the point for 60 seconds for each foot.
  • Reflexology point for the nose – it is located on the edge of the big toe beside the toenail and above the toe knuckle. The left point corresponds to the right side of the nose and vice versa because the energy meridians cross over at the neck. You can combine it with the point for sinuses. Just like the previous massage supporting the tip of the toe with your index finger and rubbing with the thumb from the toenail to the toe pad back and forth, but this time you’ll switch hands 30 seconds for one foot.
  • Reflexology point for lungs – the most common thing that attack the lungs are the pollen and some other airborne allergies which trigger a reaction to your body. The point which you need to massage is the ball of your foot under the 3 middle toes. Press deeply with your thumbs and when you feel a tender point start doing small circles massaging the whole area for 60 seconds each foot.
  • Reflexology point for eyes – located on the undersides of the second and third toes – the left point is for the right eye and vice versa, just like with the nose point. Use your thumb and massage the area up and down. If your eyes itch a lot, then rub for 60 seconds, if they itch less a 30 second massage will be enough for each foot.
  • Reflexology point for the throat – it can be found at the tip of the webbing between the big and the second toe. Use your knuckle of the index finger press into the point rotating back and forth like a door knob. Don’t press too hard since this point is very sensitive. Twist in both directions for 20-30 seconds per foot.
  • Lymph drainage reflexology point – since there are many points related to the lymphatic system we will focus on the breast/armpit region located in the webbing between the bones of the big and the second toe. Use your knuckle of the index finger pressing and stroking downwards from the base of the toes towards the bottom of the V which is formed where the bones meet. When you reach that point, then repeat this beginning from the base of the toes again repeating it 30 times. Don’t press too hard.

Repeat the massages on daily basis and you’ll feel immediate relief, or an improvement within a week or two depending on how your body responds.