Natural Ways To Remove The Annoying Dandruff

You probably didn’t know that build up shampoos, conditioners, hair care products, lack of vitamins in your diet and hard water full of iron, calcium salt and magnesium produce dried scalp and dandruff. The good thing is that there are natural ways to get rid of it instead of buying expensive chemical hair products.


Nettle – put dried nettle in eight ounces of boiling water and let it steep for 1-1.5 hrs. Then strain it. After washing your hair rub the nettle water into your hair leaving it for half an hour. Repeat this 2-3 times a week.

Olive oil – take 4 warm tbs and put them together with a juice of half a lemon, mix It well and apply it to your scalp and hair rubbing well. Then wash it out as you normally do.

Vinegar – add apple cider or white vinegar into a cup of warm water. Use it to rinse your hair after the shampoo.

Lemons – take few lemon peels and put them into ¼ cup of water leaving it stay for 15 minutes and pour it to your hair before shampooing. Leave it for 20 min then wash your hair as you usually do.

Beer – it is full with vitamin B and removes any fungal infections. Rinse the hair with the foamy ale and pour yeast and vitamin B into the scalp.

Beet – boil it up into a pan of water, strain it, pour it to your scalp using gloves as the beet releases dark purple color, let it stay for 30 minutes and rinse.

Lime – squeeze one lime and put it on your scalp leaving it for 15 minutes before the final rinse.

We are 100% positive that this will enrich your hair with vitamins and will make it shiny and beautiful without any traces of dry scalp and dandruff flakes.