Skin Pigmentation Can Be Uncommon A Sign Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which occurs when the pancreas cannot produce insulin at all or is not able to produce it enough which results in the inability of your body to break down sugars. The most common signs to diabetes are: increased hunger, blurred vision and/or headaches, frequent trips to the washroom, unquenchable thirst, fatigue, itchy skin, tingling sensation and/or numbness.


However, one of the most uncommon signs and symptoms of this disease are dark circles around the neck, under your arms and between the thighs due to the fact that your skin receptors react to your body through pumping too much insulin that causes that pigment to appear which is common in Type 2 diabetes. If this occurs, then you’d better see a doctor and change your diet too. You can use raw organic honey as an alternative sweetener and exercise every day. The pigmentation of the skin can be a symptom of another disease named acanthosis nigricians and can as well be a result of poor hygiene.

You should do one thing to avoid the risk of getting these diseases and that is to make a change in your diet including healthier alternatives. Once you notice some differences you better consult a doctor