The Dangers Of The Meat Glue

It looks like that we have to worry about the meat glue as chlorine gas, pink slime, antibiotics and ammonia were not enough. Meat glue is actually an enzyme that goes under another name transglutaminase. While some meat glues are produced through the process of bacteria cultivation, other are made from the blood plasma of cows and pigs. When it is sprinkled on protein it starts forming cross-linked protein polymers that act like a super-glue binging the pieces together. The meat which is glue-covered is rolled up in plastic film and then refrigerated. So, this meat glue is unethical and potentially dangerous. The first issue is that it misleads the consumers as food manufacturers do not disclose what they have done, people think that they buy a prime cut when in fact you get glued-together bits and pieces which can lead to food poisoning. The bacterial contamination of glued steak is 100 times higher than a solid piece of steak so if you cook it rare then you are at a greater risk of contracting food poisoning. Moreover, when an outbreak occurs it is impossible to find the source of the contamination because chunks of meat from multiple cows have been combined.


Watch the report which shows you how this is done. Next time you are offered Surf and Turf for $8.99 you will know that you ate meat scraps. This is most commonly done in big hotels, restaurant chains and big hotels. Be cautious.