The Fight For Life: The Plant That Saved Me From The Deadly Cancer

In 2002 a man from Bulgaria was diagnosed with benign brain tumor and it was big 5.5 cm. He was scheduled for a surgery in Sofia that went excellent. However, two years after, the tumor turned out to be recurrent or metastatic cancer, coming back in the same size. He was suggested to have another surgery. At that time the hospital had laser technology and the operation went well, but he ended up with a paralyzed left arm and leg. The tumor was removed and turned out to be atypical one. He continued with radiology which did not help him at all as the tumor came back again, thus he was scheduled for another surgery. After the recovery and rehab he met the man who changed his life. He said how he had a kidney cancer and his surgery didn’t go well, thus he was given 3-4 months life. A woman whom he met told this guy about a healing herb named black elderberry which saved his life. That is a busy plant that grows in deserts and river valleys. The fruit has the same size as the blueberries and grows at the end of August and the beginning of September. The potent healing properties have only the ripe fruits and once being packed, they become washed and dried.


How to prepare it: The preparation of the procedure consists of layering the fruit and sugar alternately until the jar is filled to the top. They need to be exposed to direct sunlight so that fermentation is enabled. After 2 weeks, close the jars with a lid keeping them in a fridge. You may make 2-4 doses. You will need at least two to have enough until the following year.

Dosage: take 1 tsp of the remedy each morning on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before the meals.

The Bulgarian man started taking this cure and miraculously it started to show its effects. He did a routine check and the results showed no sign of cancer. It has been 4 years from then and the cancer did not return. The doctor told him that another patient with breast cancer cured herself with the same fruit.

This fruit can be combined with prescription remedies. They are excellent for the immune system and other diseases. They need to be picked when fully ripe and if there are any green fruits or if you have any doubt about their ripeness, then just remove them. Those which are ripe are soft and dark, almost black. When consumed they can be very unpleasant until you get used to them you might feel like vomiting. After their consumption you may feel an urge to go to the toilet. These berries may be consumed by healthy people as well because they boost the immune system and aid in preventing flu.