The Sun Is Not To Be Blamed For Our Wrinkled Skin, Check Out Why?

One of the major reasons for this condition is Glycation which is the natural process of aging. It is a chemical reaction which happens when sugars in our body attach to the proteins, which we have a lot, flowing around and creating the other feature of the glycation named AGES (Advanced Glycation End Products). So, we can say that the sun is not the only causer for the wrinkles and droopy skin, but the glucose and sugar too.


Glucose is the fuel for our body, but if ingested in excess, it can be damaging. It has another name – caramelization of body tissue, or ‘browning reaction’, just like crispy browned potatoes on the stove or fried chicken. Our body has sugar and proteins which create chemical reaction when they come together. AGES contributes to aesthetic haul and to health issues too, leading to heart disease, cataracts, or even kidney failure, because glycation stiffens and hardens the arteries, which means that normal functioning of the body will be lost forever. Causes of this condition are: excess carbohydrates intake, excess sugar, high temperature cooking, a lack of supplements which help preventing oxidized cells and glycation, and a lack of antioxidant rich vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits which help in protecting the tissues.