Most of us had probably struggled with those black dots, especially on their face which can be very unpleasant. These annoying dots are called blackheads and are very common in people who have oily hair, oily skin, clogged glands or pores and improper diet. Causes for them can differ from person to person but they still give unhealthy appearance of the skin. Alongside the face, blackheads can appear on the back, ears and other parts of body where sweat glands are located.


Clogged glands or pores are the usual cause of blackheads. The reason for them is the excess sebum and dead skin cells. They clog the pores and make the ideal environment for blackheads.

Most of the people blame the dirt on the face for blackheads and they want to eliminate them by scrubbing their face, but that is not the best way to eliminate the nasty blackheads. The scrubbing only makes things worse because it dries the skin and causes creation of more oil.

Now there is a simple and effective way to get rid of the nasty blackheads instead of using cosmetics.


  • ½ a lemon
  • 3 drops of honey

 How to Prepare:

Pour the drops of honey over the lemon and then rub your face with it. It is better to the rubbing on the more affected areas of the face. Let the honey and lemon juice work for 5-7 minutes and then rinse with cold water. The positive results will be visible instantly. You can repeat the treatment two times a week.

Lemon: the reason we use lemon is due to its acidic properties which are very helpful in removing dead skin cells and also allows new growth of skin. Using the lemon, we allow pores to unclog, cleanse the skin and reduce the blackheads.

Honey:  honey is a natural antibiotic and its role in this treatment is to remove the accumulated dirt in the skin pores, tighten the skin pores, hydrate them and it give clearer complexion. Honey is a powerful weapon in destroying germs and unclogging pores since it acts as antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiseptic agent.

This natural remedy works differently for different skin types. How often you will use it depends on the skin type. Therefore, it is better to try it 2-3 times a week in order to see how it will work for you.