This Will Totally Change The Way You Look At Beets, They Can Do Amazing Things For Your Body


Beets are a healthy and exceptional vegetable which sustains its nutritional values when eaten raw or cooked. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, admired the vegetable and used it for medicinal purposes.

In the dawn of time, beets have been utilized as a remedy for anemia and blood disorders because of their high amount of iron. When it comes to iron content, they rank second, behind garlic. They also contain more iodine than kale. Beets can boost your metabolism, supply your body with essential nutrients and antioxidants also.


Why should you eat more beets?

  • Beets can fight oxidative stress and free radical damage in the body due to their betalain and polyphenol content;
  • They contain multiple B complex vitamins which can empower your artery walls;
  • Beets are abundant in folate and potassium which protect your heart. They are also rich in phosphorus and iron which can improve your energy levels and magnesium, a mineral vital for your bones;
  • Red blood cells are difficult to be created without folic acid and vitamin B12. Beets contain cobalt, a substance that boosts this vitamin’s production;
  • The folic acid content of beets aids in rejuvenating the body;
  • The betalin pigment flushes out the toxins from the body;
  • Beets contains betacyanins, which obstruct cancer cell growth;
  • The dietary fiber consisted in beets will significantly boost your digestion;
  • Beets enhance vitamin D digestion;
  • The nitrate content of beets is changed into nitrites in the mouth. They can prevent dementia, widen blood vessels, increase the blood flow and help oxygen easily reach places the need it;
  • Beets are rich in pectin, a structural heteropolysaccharide which assists the extraction of heavy metals and radioactive substances from the body. Pectin can prevent the spreading of dangerous bacteria in the gut and prevents development of various diseases;

Beets are an incredibly beneficial vegetable – they can strengthen the capillary and artery walls, stabilize your blood pressure and cholesterol, improve the brain and liver function and also have anti-sclerotic properties.