What Happens When you Drink Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey on an Empty Stomach in the Morning

Apple cider vinegar and honey are clearly one of the most wonderful ingredients. They are very helpful for our overall health if we consume them unprocessed and raw. If you mix them together, you will experience their powers and gain more benefits. The honey will make your drink yummy. If you are experiencing some joint pain, inflammation, digestive problems and pain in the throat, you have to drink apple cider vinegar and honey on an empty stomach so you can feel the difference and the benefits from these natural ingredients.
The health benefits of a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey

This mixture is very helpful for your body because of its ability to keep you safe from infections and treating various health conditions that are troubling your life.

 By consuming them you will be provided with the following benefits:

  • Better health and eliminating the ache in the joints (helpful for arthritis ache)
  • Eliminating acid and relieves heartburn
  • You will have better digestive health, and it is also efficient against constipation
  • Reduces cholesterol amounts and decreases blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Relieves sore throat
  • Increases energy
  • Younger look and better skin health
  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Reduces inflammation

 Why is this so successful combination?

The enormous power of this mixture is due to its chemical properties and interaction with the human body. The doctors concluded that we are getting sick when the acidity in our body is rapidly increased (pH below 7).

The vinegar is naturally sour, but when it is consumed it becomes alkaline. It is already clear that the honey has very low pH, but raises the alkalinity of the organism once it is consumed.