You Might Consider Drinking Fruit Juice After You Read This

A woman noticed a mold-green slime coming up the straw of her juice box, thus immediately opened the box. The slime was all around the edges. But this isn’t something new, as it can happen often if the box has a tiny hole that the juice doesn’t even leak through which air gets inside making the sugar ferment the juice and turn it into an alcohol. However, this is not considered to be very dangerous, but can only upset stomach or gross out people. The lady was advised to throw it away because the fermented juice is full of calories and sugar which some people consider it a gateway drug as natural opiates are being released from ingestion of sugar stimulating desire for junk food and sweets. The opiate can be triggered by foods that contain a lot of fat and salt. That is the reason why people binge on junk foods. Not only obesity, but diarrhea, tooth decay and flatulence can be caused by too much fruit juice.


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under the age of 6 should not be given juice, or only small amount will be ok (1-6 year old kids are allowed 4-6 oz. per day, 7-18 years old are allowed 8-12 oz. daily). Instead, all the vitamins can be consumed through plenty of other healthy foods rich in fiber and other nutrients. Carrying the juice in a bottle of box or sippy cup is not healthy, especially if the juice is not pasteurized, unless it is 100% natural. Juices are considered healthier than soda, but anyways, keep them away from the kids as much as you can.